Best Cat Harness No Escape – Take Your Indoor Cat Outdoors

Best Cat Harness No Escape

The best cat harness no escape will allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors without you worrying about them wriggling free and getting lost.

A no escape cat harness can allow your cat to get some fresh air without getting lost or injured.

Interested in learning more about no escape cat harnesses? Keep reading for more information.

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Let Your Cat Explore!

Keeping your cat indoors means they won’t be terrorizing local wildlife (like birds), running the risk of being hit by a car, or even being attacked by another animal. Indoor cats generally live longer lives than outdoor cats. However, seeing your cat just sitting in the window and watching the world go by can be hard. Getting some fresh air certainly wouldn’t hurt, and your cat probably needs a little exercise, right?

A cat harness is a great way to get your indoor kitty outside without the risks of outdoor cat life.


No-Pull Design

Dog owners often use harnesses because the dog might hurt themselves from pulling too much. The same goes for cats. Clipping on a leash to your cat’s collar mightn’t be the best idea because it can cause them physical harm. A cat’s trachea and neck bones can experience a great deal of strain if they’re pulling on a traditional leash and collar combo.

Plus, cats are much more flexible than dogs, and a thin little collar surely won’t keep them on the leash long. A no escape cat harness will keep your cat safe and comfortable while out and about.

The harnesses we reviewed here use X or H-shaped straps, buckles or Velcro, mesh vests, and even little jackets to comfortably secure the harness around your cat’s upper body without causing strain on your cat’s neck.


The most important thing to do before buying a no escape cat harness is to measure your cat. Otherwise, you could end up spending money on something too small or too big. A poorly fitting harness means your cat could easily escape from it.

Cat harness manufacturers will typically ask you to measure your cat’s chest and neck circumference. You will need a measuring tape, such as the one you’d keep in a sewing kit, to measure your cat correctly. Measure your cat’s chest just behind their front legs, and their neck where their collar would typically sit. The harness’ straps rest at these places, so that’s why it’s so important to get an accurate measurement.

Only one of the harnesses we reviewed specifies measuring your cat’s head. If you decide to purchase that particular harness, make sure you check out the manufacturer’s official measurement chart to ensure it will fit your cat.

If you have a kitten, keep in mind that they may still be growing, so the harness you buy now mightn’t fit later, or may need adjusting as your cat grows. Also, these harnesses might fit differently depending on your cat’s fur. Longhair kitties might need a little more room in their harness to fit all that fluff.

No Escape Cat Harness Reviews

Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash Set by Scenereal

The leopard-print mesh harness that comes in this set will let your cat enjoy the great outdoors comfortably without getting lost.

The harness is adjustable, designed to fit cats with a chest of 13-17in ((33-43.2cm), and a neck of 11-12in (28-30.5cm). The leash is adjustable too, and is extendable from 34 to 59 in (86 to 150cm).

Both the mesh harness and leash have reflective fabric too, so you and your cat will be easier to see in low light.


  • The lightweight nylon-polyester mesh harness will secure your cat comfortably.
  • There’s reflective fabric on the leash and harness for the safety of you and your pet.


  • Though this harness is adjustable, it might not fit your cat if they measure around the maximum and minimum chest and neck measurements.
  • Only comes in leopard print.

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Cat Harness with Leash Set by Pupteck

Pupteck’s harness is adjustable, but it fits a little differently. It’s sized for cats with chests of 11-18in (28-46cm) and necks of 8-11in (20-28cm).

This harness doesn’t have a mesh or vest. Instead, Pupteck uses straps only to reduce any stress or pressure from your cat tugging significantly.

The leash clips on by a D-ring at the back of the X-shaped straps, just behind your cat’s shoulders.

As if that’s not enough, this harness and leash comes with a cute little pineapple print on it!


  • Has a cute pineapple design.
  • Has a H and X-shaped straps, which will fully secure your cat but still be easy to get on and off.


  • There’s no mesh vest on the harness. Though the harness’ straps will reduce stress from tugging, your cat might feel more comfortable with a harness mesh.
  • There’s no reflective material on the harness or leash.

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Cat Harness and Leash Set for Walking by Rabbitgoo

Rabbitgoo’s cat harness comes in 3 sizes: XS, S, and S+ and includes a 59 inch (150cm) leash.

  • XS fits cats with chest of 13.5-16 in (34cm-41cm) and neck of 8.5-11 in (22cm-28cm)
  • S fits chest of 18-20 in (46-51cm) and neck of 11-13.7 in (28-35cm)
  • S+ fits chest of 12.6-22 in (32-56cm) and neck of 12.6-16.5 in (32-42cm).

The reinforced stitching and all-weather mesh harness will ensure your cat will be safe and comfortable when you’re out and about.

There are four straps (2 neck, 2 chest) that evenly distributes tugging strain.

This design, along with the lightweight mesh, is sure to make your cat feel more comfortable when exploring the outside world.


  • Has reflective material on the harness.
  • Available in 4 different colors: black, red, pink, and green.


  • There are no buckles on the neck straps, and you’ll need to pull it over your cat’s head to get it on. The neck opening is pretty small, even with the adjustable straps, so your cat might not enjoy the process of putting this harness on.

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Escape Proof Cat Harness by Eagloo

This harness is a similar style as the Rabbitgoo harness, but it only comes in 2 sizes.

  • XS fits cats with a chest of 12-18in (31-46cm), neck of 8-10in (20-25cm), and head of 8.8-10.3in (22-26cm).
  • S fits cats with a chest of 16-21in (41-53cm), neck of 10-13.5in (25-34cm), and head of 11-13.7in (28-35cm).

There is reflective material on this harness like some of the other others we reviewed, meaning your cat will be safe even if it’s getting dark outside.

The lightweight and breathable mesh will keep your cat comfortable while they’re wearing it, while its shape will ease the strain of tugging on the leash.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the leash separately with this harness, since it doesn’t come with one.


  • Comes in 2 sizes.
  • Has reflective material on the harness.


  • No buckles on the neck strap. Your cat may not tolerate having a harness pulled over their head.
  • Doesn’t include a leash, unlike the other harnesses we’ve reviewed.

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Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash and Padded Cat Vest by Yizhi Miaow

This harness and leash (measuring 47in/119cm) set win the award for the cutest harness set.

This harness comes in 5 different sizes, too, so you’re sure to find the right size for your cat.

  • XS fits cats 2-4 LBS
  • S fits cats 4-6 LBS
  • M fits cats 6-8 LBS
  • L fits cats 8-11 LBS
  • XL fits cats > 11 LBS

Instead of straps or a vest, this harness is a little jacket. The jackets come in several different colors and designs, including polka dots, camouflage, and even a cat-sized sailor suit.

Keep in mind, however, that this harness uses Velcro, unlike the other harnesses listed here that use straps and buckles. However, it may not be suitable for some cat-Houdinis or those with long fur.


  • Available in 5 different sizes.
  • Available in several cute colors and designs.
  • The little jacket has an inner mesh, similar to some of the other harnesses we’ve reviewed above.


  • Velcro straps might work for some cats, but others may find it easier to escape.
  • Velcro could also be a problem if your cat has longer fur.
  • There’s no reflective tape on the harness or leash.

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Our Choice

Our favorite harness out of the ones we’ve reviewed here is Scenereal’s. We like this harness because of its mesh vest. The mesh is breathable and comfortable for your cat to wear, unlike other harnesses that only consists of straps.

Scenereal’s harness comes with a leash like most of the harnesses we reviewed too, but theirs is the only one that is both adjustable and has reflective material on it to match the harness. The straps use buckles and Velcro for a secure fit that’s easy to put on and take off.

With a wide range of adjustability, Scenereal’s harness can fit your kitten and can readjust to grow with them.

We hope Scenereal’s no escape cat harness (or one of the other harnesses here) will help you and your cat have lots of fun outdoors!

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