Cat Brushes for Short Haired Cats

Cat Brushes for Short Haired Cats

Cat brushes for short haired cats are specifically designed to give your cat the advantage when it comes to grooming. Your cat understands the importance of good coat health. After all, she spends as much as 2 ½ hours per day grooming herself. And considering she sleeps up to 18 hours per day, that means a significant portion of her day is spent self-grooming. But you can help your cat maintain her coat health with frequent brushings.

Cats are natural groomers, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our part in keeping them clean and healthy. While cat coat and skin care basics are generally the same no matter the breed, certain types of coats require different kinds of brushes. While most brushes will work just fine, choosing the best one for your cat’s coat type will make sure they’re in tip-top shape.

As amazing as this little friend may be, he is not always the cleanest best friend. If you have a short haired cat, you probably already know what I’m talking about. You cannot prevent your cat from shedding its fur when the seasons change, but you can prevent cat fur from going everywhere in your house or on your clothes; the number one way is pretty straightforward: brushing your cat regularly.

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Our Top Recommended Cat Brushes

FURminator DeShedding Tool

This is the ultimate brush for grooming your short haired cat. The FURminator has fine toothed shedding blades that remove loose fur from the top coat and undercoat.

They are effective and getting rid of excess fur and dander and can be used on all coat types.

The stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your cat’s topcoat to gently remove loose hair. This helps to Reduce shedding by up to 90%, and prevents dangerous hairballs from developing, thus keeping your cat healthier and happier.

The FURminator is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb, and is recommended by vets.

A specially designed FURejector button makes removing loose hair from the tool easy.

FURminator for Cats, deShedding Tool for Cats
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats - Small
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats - Large
Price not available
Price not available
FURminator for Cats, deShedding Tool for Cats
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats - Small
Price not available
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats
FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats - Large
Price not available


  • Well made
  • Handle is comfortable
  • Makes your cat’s coat very soft
  • Can help reduce dandruff
  • Reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb


  • It’s possible to over-brush – be careful!

Wire Slicker Brush

These brushes have short spikes, and are ideal for brushing short hair cats. If you are going to purchase a slicker brush, you should look for one that has a self-cleaning fur release button because it can be difficult to remove the fur from the brush without it. Slicker brushes help to increase blood flow and circulation leaving pets coat soft and shiny.

Double-Sided Pins and Bristles Brush

These brushes are 2 in 1, and allows you to choose the right grooming tool to do the job at hand. The bristle side is soft and densely packed, and is great for removing loose hair and dirt from the top coat, while on the other side, the pin comb is great for detangling and loosening dead undercoat.

Why Brush Your Cat

With the proper cat brushes, short hair cats will benefit from a regular brushing. Why? 5 simple reasons.

  • Maintain your cat’s beautiful fur and avoid knots
  • Avoid intestinal problems caused by hair fur balls
  • Detect possible problems (fleas, ticks…) or other skin diseases
  • Prevent shedding
  • A good excuse to spend more time with, and bond with your cat

When / How Frequently ?

It is very important to help your cat shed his fur. Depending on the length and thickness of his coat, you will need to adapt the frequency of the brushing. We confirmed with several cat specialists (vets, breeders) and they agreed that short haired cats should be brushed at least once a week (depending on needs, it could be more or less)

How should I brush a cat with short hair?

Here are a few tips to help make brushing a great experience for both you and your cat:

By running your fingers through your cat’s coat before you start brushing, it slightly ‘fluffs’ their fur, making it easier for the brush to reach further into their coat.

While it might seem counter intuitive, try brushing your cat against the grain for a few strokes. This helps to remove dead hair (unless you are using a FURminator, in which case just brush normally). Your pet may not like it very much; you can give him treats and talk to him affectionately to reassure him.

Next, brush in the direction of the hair to smooth your cat’s fur and release more dead fur. Using a FURminator is the preferred way to brush your cat since it is designed to get rid of loose and dead fur from your cat’s coat and undercoat. This will greatly improve the look and feel of your cat’s fur, making their coat healthy and keeping those pesky fur balls at bay.

Don’t forget to brush all areas of your cat’s body including the belly, legs, thighs and tail. You will be surprised at how much dead fur will come just from their tail alone!

Finally, don’t forget to reward your kitty with treats for a job well done.

Final Thoughts

You do not need a crazy amount of brushes to take good care of your cat. If you have a short haired cat, the FURminator will serve you well. In any case we hope you understood the importance of brushing your cat. We also hope that you found the perfect brush for your little friend.

8 thoughts on “Cat Brushes for Short Haired Cats”

  1. Your website caught my attention as I have a short-haired cat. He loves to be brushed! He purrs as I brush him. As your article states, short-haired cats still shed! That is definitely the truth! Giving him a good brushing helps keep the shedding under control. I never saw these brushes on your website, and they look like they do the job, so that is something to look into.

    • Hi Karin. If you have a shedder, get a FURminator! They are the best! I have two short haired cats and they both leave fur all over my clothes and furniture. With the FURminator there was a drastic reduction in the stray fur around the house. You will be so happy with a FURminator.

  2. My old cat brush is just not cutting it anymore so I’m so glad I found this article. I have heard of the FURminator before but never got one because I didn’t need it, but now you have sold me and I’m going to get this brush! The biggest pro for me that you listed is that is can reduce shedding by 90%! My cat may be short haired but she is a furball and constantly shedding so this is awesome to hear! Thanks for this info! 🙂

    • Jasmine, I know what you mean! My two cats shed quite a bit even though they are short haired. I have really noticed a huge difference in the amount of fur on my furniture since I switched to using a FURminator.

  3. I have used most of these brushes on my cats and yes, the FURminator is great! One of my boys has long fur and get terrible mats. I need to get them all cut out (carefully) and then brush him every day to prevent more! He is a Norwegian Forest Cat (mix?) and for some reason his fur seems prone to matting even though we feed high quality food that keeps their coats nice.

    Luckily, all three of my cats love being brushed! They get jealous if I brush one and not the others! My girl shoves the boys out of the way to get under the brush.

    It helps to have different types of brushes for different fur types.


  4. I like your website. I also have a cat and find the information here very useful. I have considered getting my cat a cat brush because she sheds a lot of hair. The market seems to put out so many different products on cat brushes, you have to decide which would be best for your cat.

    Thank you for pointing out the best use of each of these cat brushes. I’m going to bookmark this website to come back for further updates on cat products.

    Thank you for the information in this post.

    • Hi Rosa. I think you would really like the FURminator if your cat sheds a lot. One of my cats was a terrible shedder, and always having troubles with furballs, now he’s great! Hardly ever any fur floating around, and the furball issue has also cleared up 🙂

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