FURminator DeShedding Brush

FURminator DeShedding Brush

You’ve heard about the FURminator DeShedding Brush, you’ve maybe even seen one on TV or in the store…

Shedding is natural, it is part of the seasonal fur-growing cycle. It is not something that can be stopped. In the Fall, your pet will shed their lighter, summer coat and grow warmer fur for the colder months. In the Spring, the cycle is repeated, and your pet will shed their heavy winter coat in favor of a cooler summer coat.

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What Size FURminator Do I Need?

When shopping for a FURminator SeShedding Tool, it is essential to get the correct size. There are several sizes of FURminator to choose from according to the size of your dog or cat, and the length of their fur.

For Dogs

For Cats

What Does FURminator Do?

FURminator can make this process more tolerable for you by helping to reduce lose fur that would otherwise end up on your clothes, furniture or floor.

FURminator is a specially designed brush that can reduce shedding by up to 90%! It removes loose fur and dead undercoat fur. The undercoat is the main source of shedding and is the majority of fur that you will see in your house. FURminator will not cut or damage your pet’s coat and is safe for use even on double-coated cat breeds.

FURminator Brush for Dogs

Brushing is important for maintaining your dog’s coat. The condition of a dog’s fur is a good indicator of health. As a dog owner we should strive for a nice,…

FURminator Video

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12 thoughts on “FURminator DeShedding Brush”

  1. This looks like a great idea for my dog to be honest..

    I live in Greece and luckily because it is hot most of the year I do not have carpets.

    My floors are with white tiles and the amount of hair my dos sheds is incredible, and because of the color of the floors it is really noticeable.

    I do brush him a lot but I have a standard brush.. this looks like it could improve my situation.

    My dog does not like to be brushed, but this may be due to the type of brush I am using..? I can see you mention good things for the god comfort here while brushing, so this is an option for sure.

    Thanks for the information on this furminator. It is the first time I have heard of it!

    • Hi Chris. If you get a FURminator you just might find that your dog likes to be brushed with it. One of my cats was a reluctant participant for a while but now he loves brushing time! I think they really do understand that it is helping them.

  2. Very nice product. I have never seen anything like this before. My mom has had several dogs over the years and we love our dogs!
    We had a Shitsu years ago. Beautiful coat. Sorry getting a little choked up thinking back to him.
    He had a beautiful coat. And it is very important to keep dogs beautiful coats nice and clean.
    Knowing that this product is top of the line makes it a great investment. Going to tell my mom about it. She is allergic to dog hair.
    Since it helps shedding it would be great for her. Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing your memories! I have nothing but good to say about the FURminator, it is a top-notch product for maintaining your pet’s coat.

  3. This looks like a great dog brush! I have two long haired dogs. Thank goodness they do not shed. I have a Shi Tzu and a Maltese. One loves to have his hair brushed, the other does not. So I try to keep his short. But it grows so darn fast, and it is $45 for a haircut. I would love to try a brush that he might like. This actually looks good, because the brush I have pokes him. I think this is why he does not like it.

    • Pet comfort is always a consideration when choosing a brush. I like the FURminator because if you use it as directed, it is perfectly safe and doesn’t irritate your pup’s skin.

  4. Hey there,
    Oh so there’s such a tool for the cat? I am personally not a fan of cats, my sister though, she is the opposite, she like having them around and all the time I see the fur and I get annoyed with her.
    This is a must have now, I’ll have to get her to buy this if not, I’ll have to buy for every cat in the house.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Joseph, I’m sure your sister would love to have a FURminator. They are the best cat brush on the market!

  5. My partner has 4 cats and 3 are longhaired , as you can imagine they leave huge amounts of fluff around the house and until now i have been at the hairs mercy . They sleep on my clothes jackets and although i love her cats it can be annoying .So this brush will be a godsend to not only my clothes but my relationship with both the cats and my girl hehe

    • Hi Paul.

      While my cats are not long hair, I can understand your misery, my daughter has a long haired cat and the fur was everywhere – until they got a FURminator. That’s actually how I discovered the FURminator myself. It has been a welcome addition to my home, that’s for sure!

  6. Oh my gosh! I have two cats and they shed everywhere. I find hair on my clothes, couch, bed, floor, etc. I have had other brushes that I used in the past, but it takes forever to get out half the hair that the furminator does. I have been using this brush for two years now and I don’t think I will ever change back to anything else.

    • That’s awesome Betsey! I think the FURminator is a fantastic brush. One of my cats had a terrible issue with furballs – almost every day! Once I switched to the FURminator he hardly ever has furballs now. I’m sure he is much happier not having all the stress.

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