FURminator Vacuum Attachment

FURminator Vacuum Attachment

Living with pets means constantly dealing with pet fur. The FURminator Vacuum Attachment is part of the FURminator grooming tool family and makes pet hair cleanup a snap.

Your pet is going to shed, there is no getting around that, but the FURminator deShedding Brush is designed to reduce loose undercoat fur dramatically.

The package includes two different sizes of hose attachments, which ensures that most vacuum cleaners can be used with the FurVac.

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How to Use the FURminator FurVac Vacuum Accessory

Just attach the accessory to your FURminator deShedding Tool to the FurVac Accessory and then connect the hose to your vacuum cleaner.

Brush your pet using short, firm strokes with the deshedding tool. Once the brush has accumulated some of your pet’s loose undercoat fur press the FURjector button and the fur will automatically be sucked into the vacuum.


  • Well made
  • Reduces fly-away fur while brushing
  • Reduces static that can cause brushed fur to stick to you
  • Reducing fur can help with allergies


  • Might not be useful if your pet is afraid of the vacuum cleaner
Furminator FurVac Vacuum Accessory

  • Adds vacuum power to your deShedding tools
  • Compatible with small, medium and large size short-haired and long-haired dog and cat deShedding tools
  • Features two removable heads to adjust to your tool size
  • Includes two attachments to fit all vacuum brands