What Size FURminator Do I Need?

When shopping for a FURminator SeShedding Tool, it is essential to get the correct size. There are several sizes of FURminator to choose from according to the size of your dog or cat, and the length of their fur. Let’s answer the question “What size FURminator do I need for my pet?”

The FURminator brush comes in a variety of widths and sizes and is perfect for removing loose hair, removing mats and tangles, and reducing shedding.

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For Dogs

For Cats

All models have a laser-cut steel blade, but the blade width varies depending on the size of your pet.  Most importantly, we need to consider the size of your pet.

There are three different blade widths, for large dogs to small sized dogs:

  • Small (< 25 lbs / 11.5 kg)
  • Medium (25 lbs – 50 lbs / 11.5 kg – 23 kg)
  • Large (> 50 lbs / 23 kg)

For cats there are two sizes:

  • Small (< 10 lbs / 4.5 kg)
  • Medium/Large (> 10 lbs / 4.5 kg)

What to Look for When Buying a FURminator

When buying a FURminator, you also need to take into consideration the blade length as well. You’ll want to choose either the long or short blade, depending on the length of your pet’s fur. Short-haired cats and dogs will require the shallow teeth, while long-haired pets will need the FURminator that has longer teeth to reach deeper into their coat.

FURminator Blade Detail
The teeth on the FURminator vary depending on the fur length.

Each pet size and fur length requires a different FURminator. Using the chart below you will be able to find the right FURminator for your pet!

What Size FURminator Do I Need?

14 thoughts on “What Size FURminator Do I Need?”

  1. I have two 75+lbs dogs, one is longer haired and sheds like crazy, the other is short haired, lighter shedding. Is there one furminator i can use for both?

    The Furminator came highly recommended by one of the rescues my dogs came from!

    • FURminators are most effective when you use the appropriate size because the long-hair one will reach deeper into the fur, while the short-hair FURminator is designed with shorter teeth. You might have some luck with the long-hair one since your main shedder has long hair. But ideally you would want one for each fur length.

    • I have this same question. I have two female German Shepherds and one has long hair the other has short hair.

  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a furminator brush for my cat. She is about 5 or 6 pounds, is 8 and a half months old, and has medium length hair. She is starting to shed a lot and the brush I already have is not taking any hair out.

    I am looking for suggestions as to which furminator brush to buy for her since she is a small cat but has medium length hair.

    • The long hair FURminator would likely be the best for your cat. The short hair brush may not reach deep enough to be effective. Since your cat is under 10 lbs. a size small would be fine – unless you are anticipating your cat to get a lot larger and then I would suggest picking up the larger brush.

  3. I rescue cats and often have over 20 of them at any given time. I nourish them back to health, neuter them and then put them out for adoption. I’m not an organization, so as you might guess it’s a really expensive task. Having all these adorable furballs, however, means that all of my home spaces are full of fur. I was thinking about buying a furminator to help ease the mess, but I don’t want to overspend money that could be used elsewhere, especially because my income is very limited. My doubt is whether I could use a long hair furminator for all my cats, even if they have short hair (or – alternatively – a short hair one, even if they have long hair) as to avoid spending more than I have to.

    • You might be able to get away with the short hair blade, depending on the length of fur on the long-haired cats. The length of the FURminator blade needs to be sufficient to reach through the cat’s coat and into the undercoat — if the blade is too short it can’t reach the undercoat.

  4. I love the furminator! I have two long haired dogs, and they don’t shed but they have to constantly be brushed so they don’t get tangles. Will this work for that, or is this more specifically for dogs that shed? I have kind of waited too long to cut my Shi Tzu’s hair and now he has a lot of knots on his belly. So I was looking for a good brush 🙂

    • Certainly the FURminator deShedding Tool would be a good proactive measure to help reduce tangles, but if you already have knotted fur then you might be more interested the FURminator DeMatting Tool.

  5. Thanks for bringing this “furminator” to my attention. Hair shedding is a problem for many pet owners.

    I have always used the old-fashioned “wig brush” but these are quite limited in their grooming capabilities.

    This “furminator” will be on my list, next time I make it to the pet shop.

    The fact that they are available for different hair lenghts, and different animal sizes, shows that the manufacturers have thought about how to improve this grooming product.

    Which breed of dog sheds the most and do long-haired dogs shed more than short-hairs?

    How does this apply to cats?


    • Hey Paul. Shedding really just depends on the breed. You would think that long haired dogs shed more than short haired dogs, but I have a lab and they shed more than you would think was possible. Sometimes I wonder why he isn’t bald! If you’re planning on getting a FURminator, check out Amazon, they have the best price I have found anywhere.

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