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Owned by a CatWhy do we find cats so irresistible? Unlike dogs, we don’t own a cat – we are “owned” by a cat.

Cats enthrall us, capture our hearts, and enslave us with their indifference.

We revel in the joy of being ignored by a cat.

We are cat owners!

Cat Grooming

Cat Brushes for Short Haired Cats

Cat brushes for short haired cats are specifically designed to give your cat the advantage when it comes to grooming. Your cat understands the importance of good coat health. After all,…

Cat Shedding

How to Stop Cat Shedding

If you have a cat, figuring out how to stop cat shedding is a constant problem. Shedding is typically heaviest in the Spring and in the Fall. Indoor cats shed…

Cat Health & Well-Being